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We made ShowCode to cut the noise and give coders a platform to truly communicate tech skills, create community hubs and help solve real-world problems with code. Sound like you?!

Meet the team

Some of the most genuine and nicest people helping coders build a better world

Oli Slot COO

Will Knight CEO

ShowCode was started in 2019 by a small team that share a passion for creating well-crafted and delightful tools for businesses and consumers.

We started this company with an ambition to give coders the power to truly create a well-crafted social portfolio of projects and skills that resonates with the world’s best companies.

No more searching through endless job boards. No more sifting through CVs. No more testing. A professional network for all tech communities to share, learn and compete so you can get hired.

Open roles

Currently no roles at the moment but don’t let that stop you from wanting to work with us. Ping us an email at